The Charlotte M. Yonge Fellowship welcomes everyone with an interest in the life and work of popular Victorian novelist Charlotte Yonge (1823-1901).

Charlotte M. Yonge's bicentenary in 2023 was celebrated with events, activities and publications.

The CMYF holds regular meetings in the UK. It publishes a twice-yearly Review and the more scholarly Journal (both free to members); the Journal is also accessible on JSTOR. Its archive of Yonge and Yonge-related works is held at St Hugh’s College in Oxford University.

For fuller information about the Charlotte M. Yonge Fellowship's activities, and how to join, go to our sister website by clicking the link below: (opens in a new tab)


Signature of Charlotte Yonge

‘... the ideas that she promulgated through her books, through her personal influence and through her letters were actually major ideas for a key generation of Victorian women – the women born in the second half of the 1840's who went on to become the first generation of women head teachers, who founded the Girls’ High Schools, and who became the Principals of the new women’s colleges at various universities.’ (Julia Courtney, Open University)
‘... Yonge addressed herself energetically for over half a century to precisely the issues with which convinced feminists were concerned ...’ (Charlotte Mitchell, co-editor of Yonge’s Letters)
‘... one could say that this [Yonge’s Monthly Packet] was one of the first teenage magazines that was ever written ...’ (Amy de Gruchy, UCL)
‘... she’s not a feminist, but she doesn’t say that being a woman lets you out of anything at all ...’ (Julia Courtney, Open University)

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