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The Fellowship produces two publications which are sent free to members – the twice-yearly Review and the more occasional Journal.
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The Charlotte M. Yonge Fellowship Journal

ISSN: 14660938

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Bethia Bell

CMY’s dialogue

Lyle Eveillé

Letters held by The Cheltenham Ladies College

Amy de Gruchy

The Monthly Packet

Cecilia Bass

CMY’s narrative art in three family chronicles

1996 The Journal was not published in 1996



Cecilia Bass

Some possible literary sources of The Trial

Barbara Dunlap

Heartsease and Mansfield Park

Alethea Hayter

Mourning and funeral customs in CY’s novels 

Elisabeth Jay

CY’s ‘gleanings’ from the Rev. John Keble

1998 (Journal 3)


Alethea Hayter

Miss Yonge and the feminists

Dom Andrew Johnson 

Random choice or character delineation: family Christian names in The Daisy Chain

Dorothy Ralphs

Popular manners

Mary Shakeshaft


Cathy Wells-Cole

Charlotte Yonge’s heroes

John Alves

Letter to the Editor: Some possible literary sources of The Trial

Philip Drazin

The contributions of Charlotte Yonge to periodicals



Amy de Gruchy

Hopes and Fears

Stella Waring

A passion for history: a very personal look at Charlotte Yonge’s historical novels

Cleodie Mackinnon

Sisters and pillars: a possible model for St Faith’s, Dearport

Valerie Sanders

Brother/sister relationships in Charlotte Yonge


Hilary Weeks

"Just men made perfect":
The Heir of Redclyffe and Victorian chivalry

Cecilia Bass

Le Château de Melville

J.R. Watson

The Child's Christian Year

Janet Clarke

George Eliot and Charlotte Yonge

Barbara Dunlap Charlotte Yonge: Embodying the Domestic Fiction
Ellen Jordan Charlotte Yonge, Macmillan and the Sunday Library
Lucy Sullivan Against Individualism
John Alves

Emendations of the Genealogical Tables

Barbara Dennis Clever woman of the family: Charlotte Yonge and the higher education of women
Hilary Clare Medical training: Mays, Wards and Brownlows
Amy de Gruchy Could Ethel May teach?
Cleodie MacKinnon The trival round, the common task
Lucy Sullivan A clash of cultures but not of values? The Problem of Mrs Charnock Poynsett in Charlotte M. Yonge's The Three Brides.
Dom Andrew Johnson The Six Cushions: Feminine submission or autonomy?
Amy de Gruchy Charlotte M. Yonge's historical novels: the influence of Scott
Maria Poggi Johnson The slave and the stumbling block:Charlotte Yonge's portrayal of primitive Christianity in The Slaves of Sabinus.
Tig Lang Miss Yonge and the supernatural.
Alys Blakeway Charlotte Yonge and the City of Winchester
Barbara Dunlap On the track of Percy's The Crusaders
Diana Powell Personal influence: Spiritual Empowerment in the presence of psychological uncertainty in The Heir of Redclyffe
Julia Courtney Miss Fenimore meets Mr Gradgrind: or Hopes and Fears for these Hard Times: Oppositions of fact, fancy and faith in C.M. Yonge and Charles Dickens
Leslee Thorne-Murphy Aunt Charlotte visits the Wild West: a publication history of Aunt Charlotte's Stories of Bible History
  Appendix: Publishers of Charlotte M. Yonge's Stories of Bible History