Landmarks of History

Ancient History: from the Earliest Times to the Mahometan Conquest


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Charlotte Yonge's own Preface to Landmarks of History, Ancient History

THE design of the following sketches is to bring into connection the events most necessary to be remembered in Ancient History, and to convey a general idea of the characteristics and course of the "changing empires" of classical times, with an especial view to the better understanding of Scripture History and the growth of the Church. In so small a space it has been impossible to give much detail; and where anecdotes have been introduced, they are either such as must necessarily be known, or such as may lead to the better comprehension of the characters and ways of thinking of the great men of old. There are many more complete histories of Greece and Rome written for children, but it is hoped that these Landmarks may be found to supply the connection between the different branches of Ancient History, including that of the Jews; as well as to furnish a class-book for parochial schools where no more than a general idea of universal history is wanted.

If the present volume be found to answer its purpose, it is intended to follow it up with Landmarks of Mediaeval History, beginning from the reign of Charlemagne, and reaching to the Reformation; and Landmarks of Modern History, extending from the Reformation to the present time.

July 14th, 1862.

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