by the Count H. d'Ideville,
Late Prefect of Algiers.

Edited from the French by Charlotte M. Yonge


L'infanterie anglaise est la plus redoubtable de l"Europe; heureusement, il n'y en a pas beaucoup - Oeuvres Militaires

Memoirs of Colonel Bugeaud from his private correspondence and original documents 1784-1815 – by the Count H. d'Ideville


Le maréchal Bugeaud : d'après sa correspondance intime et des documents inédits, 1784-1840 / H. d'IdevilIe

Ideville, Henry-Amédée Lelorgne, comte d', 1830-1887


Bugeaud, Thomas Robert, duc d'Isly, 1784-1849

Thomas-Robert Bugeaud de la Piconnerie joined French Army in 1805, and served as a grenadier of the Velites of the Imperial guard Austerlitz-Pultusk. Commissioned in 1806, he served at Austerlitz and Pultusk, and did notable service in the Peninsular War, participating in the sieges of Saragossa and Lerida, and various combats against the SpanishSaragossa. He was promoted Chef de Battlion 1811 and then served with L'Armee D'Aragon and in 1815 L'Armee des Alpes.

Bugeaud, Marshal Thomas Robert

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Life and achievements of Bugeaud

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