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This book is not listed in the Chaplet of Pearls bibliography (1965)

It is listed in Bonnie Schuster's biobibliograhy (1967) as published by Selmer Hess in New York in 1882, 1894 and 1899.

Very possibly an American combined edition of the Aunt Charlotte's stories of
Greek / Roman / German / French / English history, all published in the 1870's
(and with a new section written by Doyle on US history)

Numerous copies are available second-hand and in US libraries.
Collating the various seller and catalogue descriptions we find:

Vol. I: Greek, Roman and German History.
Vol. II: German History continued (from Lothar II to Wilhelm I), French and English History (up to and including Elizabeth I).
Vol. III: English History continued; American History (History of America by John A. Doyle)

Note that The United States history is by John A. Doyle, edited by E.A. Freeman.